President Joe Biden says the country is at an "inflection point" and we need to set the country on a new path where everyone benefits from the economy. (Sept. 16)

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...except for the unvaccinated--unless they're in Congress, on my staff, in the USPS, the New York City Teacher's Union or the NBA--and only the unvaccinated.


Joe, you clearly are clueless about what an economy is, and what it means. Economics is the field of study of resource allocation, economic models are designed to effectively and efficiently distribute resources to those who need or want them. In a free-market capitalist system the more in demand a resources is, the more its value increases, while those resources which are not in demand it value decreases; this continues until there is an equilibrium between cost for a resource and the willingness to pay it. The worse economic model is "centrally planned economics" because it is too easy for cronyism to creep up and rig the system to those who are favored by the central planners. These models include Communism and Socialism, but also perverted Capitalism called crony capitalism (which uses the regulatory authority of the State to limit access to either the market place or capital). Joe is pushing a socialist economic model (moving towards a communistic one) which will cause a collapse of the economy by introducing price inflation and wage stagnation; just like Jimmy Carter did in the late 70s.

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