Dr. Rashid Buttar, a member of the "Disinformation Dozen," appeared on CNN to promote anti-vax theories. He told reporter Drew Griffin: "If I'm wrong, so be it."

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People are super fucking confused about who is "causing death."

The ones who are RESPONSIBLE for this shit are the US-sponsored CHINESE COMMUNISTS who invented this FUCKING BIOWEAPON and DEPLOYED it against the world population to kickstart the Great fucking Reset.

The CCP is CAUSING the death.


Vax pushers: If I'm wrong, so be it...

What's the difference?


If the majority of the hospitalized and dead were vaxxed wouldn't the people causing the most death be those who push the jab?


Fuck Yahoo and the fake news network


If a professional is not allowed to have a professional opinion, but must parrot the government guidelines, then what is the point of having that professional?

Why not just appoint some bureaucrat to administer the official practice?


If he appeared on CNN he’s a plant


Why is Gab pushing ridiculous fake news articles like Yahoo? Everything Yahoo says is a lie I don't even read the articles.


Yeah, fuck you, Yahoo! Apparently no one at your fine organization is loosing sleep for publishing all sorts of fear mongering crap.


hard locking shit down.

increases in depression, anxiety, paranoia, anger, pretty much follows a thru line of human behaviors as stress of any kind increases.

economic impacts, myriad supply lines, products, services would cease to be in a hard enough lock down, see blue cities or china.

DEATH DISEASE TRAUMA BLOOD CHAOS covid land of lies deceit and endless moving goal posts with vague as fuck end lines, with every major who the hell ever out and about giving no shits while telling people stay the hell home, or else you kill grandma, while some of these asshole DELIBERATELY killed grandma and grandpa to cut pensions.

all the data says childrens risks of cold flu AND wuflu is negotiable, why the fucking hell they need jabbed? they do not barring some massive morbidity issues.

masks there is no solid data and plenty of negative behaviors come with the bloody things.

wash your hands take some zincs etc.

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