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To be fair to Walker he defended Dankular over his procecution but he criticised Sargon for a very similar joke to Brand. If he can't keep his position consistent perhaps he should respond more slowly.


Jo Brand should NOT be facing a police enquiry, any more than Count Dankula or Sargon of Aakard or any other edgy comedian. There should be a very high bar before the law should get involved with "incitement to violence" charges. How about the "Brandenburg Test" as used in the US in incitement cases? (no relation or pun intended)

(paraphrasing) No-one should be considered criminally inciting violence unless:

Their speech is "directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action" and Their speech is "likely to incite or produce such action" Jo Brand is in my opinion a deeply un-funny comedian who relentlessly panders to her woke fan-base, but Jo Brand was not hoping that someone would actually throw battery acid in the face of #Brexit supporting politicians. That was her fantasy. A joke. An over-statement for comic effect. The problem for society and #freespeech comes when some fuckwit does actually do that violent thing that was alluded to in the joke. Should society's response be to try and prevent ANY edgy comment or joke or violent fantasy being uttered JUST IN CASE some nutjob uses it as a template for their action? NO IT SHOULD NOT. Such an extreme risk averse society would not be one that I and most #Gab users would wish to live in. UK politicians need to grow a pair and stick up for this most fundamental of our human rights. If they do not, our country will become a suffocating police state devoid of humour and original ideas.

#Sargon #CountDankula #Freespeech #JoBrand #BBC #UKIP #ToryParty #LabourParty

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