The Wisconsin Assembly has voted to send a resolution to officially withdraw Joe Biden’s 10 electoral votes, citing voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, to the Rules Committee. Last night, the Wisconsin Assembly unanimously voted to send a resolution to officially withdraw its 10 electoral votes, that contributed to the certification of Joe Biden’s […]

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Unless this article is more Regime media misinformation bull shit, this is good, now other States need to remove their falsely confirmed electoral votes also. When the count gets below the required electors that will probably trigger the Biden Regime's initiation of civil war to maintain government control.


Or sucker punched again by the media bull shitters, sent to be killed in committee more than likely, another "empty hand" gesture?


"The legislation now heads to the Wisconsin Assembly Rules Committee, and then on to the Wisconsin Senate for confirmation."

So nothing has been withdrawn.

There are 33 seats in the Wisconsin Senate. There are 12 Democrats and 21 Republicans.

IF this makes it to the floor, the 12 Democrats will vote to NOT WITHDRAW the votes. 16 of the Republicans will vote TO WITHDRAW the votes. And FIVE RINOS will vote with the Democrats to give the others political cover for the next election.

I either know this because I am MAGIC and can see the future... or because THAT'S WHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS.


Arrest the useless cunt.

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