The audio of police dispatch describing the situation after an unknown assailant attempted a drive by style shooting that apparently

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Of course the "white SUV", just wheels away, no pursuit, no tag number, no surveillance. 10-15 shots, everyone's baffled again, it's now like a broken record of ineptness, and BS. Imagine if some conservative was urging people to go out and confront BLM violently, oh then they'd be a "racist", like wise Maxine Waters IS A RACIST INSTIGATOR!


President Trump should deputize every law abiding American and allow us to hold public trials made up of the people. The US courts have failed the American people and the only way to restore order is if we do it ourselves! They betrayed their oath and every Justice that refused to hear the 2020 election case should be disbarred..


I think someone should burn down Maxine Waters home and see how she likes her own medicine..

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