ADVERTISEMENTLast night members of the identitarian group Patriot Front marched on the U.S. Capitol, but had apparently kept their intentions secret, leaving the Antifa members of Washington, D.C. unable to organize into black bloc mobs and repel them with force. At least one Antifa member blamed capitalism after they were unable to mount an effective […]

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Antifa are basically children who don't want to grow up. Who is never wrong and so never admits it. Who blames "capitalism" for everything (i.e freedom; they certainly don't care about corporate monopolies), and thinks any opposition must be motivated by some irrational hatred ("racism", "misogyny", "islamophobia", "anti-semitism", etc) and not his own behavior. Think arrested development. This is the New World Order.


Patriot Front is a FED controlled group of actual NAZI like individuals. the very same our forefathers ground into the dirt during WW2. do not support these absolute fake conservatives. They are of the Devil.

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