The Alabama Senate on Tuesday approved the passage of a bill that would make it a felony to provide sex-change "treatment" to "transgender" minors.

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This shit used to be common sense. Our society has gotten stupid.


This is major government OVERREACH passed by a bunch of bureaucrats that have no qualifications to make this ruling. This should be between the teen, the parents and the leading Dr's. Even if the parents are supportive, this bill would override the parents’ decision-- giving THE STATE final say on medical and psychological intervention. Go read the bill -- it's not based in scientific fact (genital surgeries are NEVER performed on minors, yet this bill makes that bogus claim) and hormone blockers (if recommended by psychiatrists after extensive therapy) are safe and never done casually (the entire process is HEAVILY monitored by a team of dr's and even more psychiatrists). All the current studies show that if these treatments are deemed necessary, that they greatly improve (and often save) the lives of these kids.


A wise move. Thanks

[The “Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act,” sponsored by Republican State Senator Shay Shelnutt, was passed in the Alabama Senate by 23-4, bans the prescription of puberty-blocking drugs, the use of hormone therapy, or sex-change surgery, from being performed on minors. Anyone who violates the bill could face a 10 year prison sentence, or a $15,000 fine.]

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