A recent study argued that we shouldn’t assume lab-grown meat is more emission-friendly than beef. The whole truth is much more structural and bleak.

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Capitalism built the modern world, you worthless commie trash. All these braindead msm scumbags should go wait in a bread line.

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2019-09-Th 05:09:53 pm

Capitalism built the modern world, you worthless commie trash. All these braindead msm scumbas should go wait in a bread line.


"The planet that capitalism broke"... what??? Global poverty reduced 40% since the year 2000, due in large part to technology innovations from capitalist countries. Only privileged people in the west can believe this shit.


Oh ma gherd! Capitalism giving people what they want. Totally the fault of the producers and not at all the consumers that want it. They're just helpless pawns buying whatever the capitalists tell them too. Stoopid capitalists, Grrrrrr, they make me so mad.


Any kind of burger would be the stuff of wet dreams for the average citizen under socialist regime.


another interesting study turned into anti-capitalist propaganda. journalists like this are going to be the death of rational thought. it's even more ironic how she can spend half the article blaming capitalism for how we're not as green as we could be, yet really only seems to point the finger at trump and big livestock corporations, with the implication that going green isn't profitable, which becomes less true by the year as we improve how carbon-friendly technology works.

a common theme with articles like this is that any progress we make in the way of converting our manufacturing sectors more eco-efficient doesn't seem to be good enough, and it's always the fault of the government, or the corporations, or both.

it's been like this for years, and despite the fact that the so-called dreaded capitalist countries have been making the greatest strides toward making manufacturing much more carbon-neutral, the only solution that "journalists" like this have come up with or are even willing to discuss is to annihilate capitalism and do nothing else.

i love reading stuff like this because it reads like the writer has such utter contempt for humanity that the only solution to save the planet seems to be for everyone to stop what they're doing and just die. nothing's ever good enough, not unless it's exactly how they want it. amazing how people like this are allowed to write let alone form cohesive thoughts. the science is there, but the reasoning is utterly lacking.


So it seems like they are saying towards the middle of this article that real beef always emits more than cultured. Which is kinda anti the whole article right?

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