Coronavirus made Universal Basic Income urgent. Automation made UBI necessary. But what will a world of free money really look like in 100 years from now?

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This article is written by a fool. Money is not free. Someone has to foot the bill for this and this will cost trillions. This would require taxing the working by at least 80% of their income. Do you want to give up 80% of your earnings so others can lay about doing nothing? Wars have started for less.


"What will the world look like when we all have enough?"

It will look like inflation. Idiot.


Every one of these utopian futures is actually a dystopian fascist hell in disguise.

EVEN IF IT WORKED (which it can't) it always involves the state monitoring, controlling, rationing, and regulating every single aspect of your life.

Sure, you're free to do whatever you long as you've been approved for that activity during the hours you've been allotted.

No thank you. I will continue to PAY MY WAY and enjoy my FREEDOM.


"Climate change makes pandemics more likely, not to mention other natural disasters that will threaten the lives of millions and the livelihoods of millions more."

What the fuck did I just read?


once we have "universal basic income" and Universal single-payer healthcare, why would I work at all? My house is paid for. My kids are out of college. I've seen Europe and almost all of the Caribbean...

Looks, like my engineering knowledge, experience and creativity are gonna do ALOT more bass-fishing and deer hunting. I'll let these geniuses (like the author) figure out how to print enough money to out-race inflation. And this asshole better be damn sure i don't miss a check!


Their is only 2 ways to implement this.

1.Tax people who actually work and aren't lazy for those that are lazy. That shit is not going to fly. 2.Tax business and they'll all move to a country that doesn't have UBI (CHYNA).


Another stupid fool with a platform to spew their idiocy for the world to see.


Written by a someone who's learned nothing about basic economics. Just another soy give me free shit retard.


This moron.

A thing is valuable because A) it is rare and B) people think it's valuable.

Money is valuable currently 'cause people believe in it's value and not everyone has enough of it.

Watch that value drop through the floor when everyone "has enough".

Do these asses EVER look at a history book?

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