So that ancient Jewish woman who was America’s supreme court Justice finally is dead. This woman literally is the most goblin-looking Jew I’ve ever seen. She is actually frightening to look at. Jews must want to kill us just because we are better looking. I don’t really know much about her, and I don’t really care, but I do know that in the 80s, she struck down a German’s case for reparations from the American internment camps because he was white and not Japanese. Basically, when the Americans put people in camps, German children had the choice of being free but homeless, or following their parents into the camp. So naturally, I’m pretty pissed about that and side with the guy named Arthur Jacobs who was born to German immigrants and then took his case to the supreme court, where Ginsburg and other Jews told him to fuck off. He was a USAF major and I hope that he learned that day that the USA was a completely Jew-infested puppet state. She has done other messed up things that you’d expect a long-nose to do, but honestly that’s not what this is about. This is about her replacements that Trump is going to pick between and I think they could actually be worse. The first is a Christard woman who literally collects African children including one literally-retarded Haitian child. She appears to have no white children of her own. The future RBG would have wantedThe second is a latina breeding factoryI’ve contemplated just ceasing all writing about the USA because that country is just beyond fucked at this point. There’s no silver lining in any of ...

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I can't even with the Americans anymore I have no more ideas of what to say about them.

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