Disclose.tv on Gab: 'JUST IN - Biden to sign an executive order today requiring all federal employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, with no option to opt-out via testing (CNN)'

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Cite the legislative authority to require people to participate in a medical experiment.


OK expect the federal postal workers union to walk. Also expect tons of others to walk. You thought federal government was slow to basic responses already? Get prepared for gridlock.


A philosophical question: When should one start to talk of a revolution?


Federal employees are either carrying water for this illegitimate government, or they are hopeless sheep who cannot (or will not) see the truth. Given that these vaccines (assuming they aren't given the placebo) will cause their deaths in about five years. For those FEW federal employees who are not sheep and do not support the illegitimate government, I would recommend an immediate retirement or change of career at this point. Americans need to understand that the communists are in control (they now call themselves "globalists", but that is a distinction without a difference) and they will use all the levers of power to force compliance. There are only two paths for us at this point, we can either STAND UP against them, or we can BOW DOWN before them. If you choose to STAND UP against them, then you must be willing to STOP PARTICIPATING IN THE SYSTEM. This means you must be willing to give up property, liberty, and even your life if need be, to resist these satanic criminals. Stop paying property taxes, stop paying income taxes, stop paying mortgages, stop paying credit cards, and stop paying car payments. This will cause banks to start demanding more funds from the Federal Reserve, and the lack of taxes means more dollars printed without tax dollars to cover them. This will cause the dollar to collapse, and will bankrupt the banks (who will be left holding property no one is buying, and dollars with little or no value). Communities and cities which depend on property taxes to pay police and the government indoctrination centers (public schools) will not have any funding since banks don't pay property taxes on repossessed property, leading to their collapse as well. States will collapse because unlike the federal government they cannot print money, so no income or property taxes will cause them to fold. Remember, amass food, water, guns, and ammunition NOW, because once this starts, the government will go full tyranny and start going after everyone (this is the lose of liberty and life phase).


Good. The faster the Biden administration fails the better for the world.


Odd phrasing "no option for testing" - where they mean to say with no religious or moral objections. This is designed to force patriots and the religious out of government.

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2021-19-Th 01:19:51 pm

Odd phrasing "no option for testing" - where they mean to say with no religious or moral objections.


Here you go. The latest development on the communist manifesto in America.

Key parts of the plan:

VACCINE MANDATES — All federal workers and contractors must get vaccinated, with limited exceptions. — Private employers with 100 or more workers will have to require them to be vaccinated or tested weekly. Employers must provide paid time off for vaccination. (My Thought: The federal government having the power mandate this is unconstitutional. Absolutely should be challenged in the supreme court, otherwise people in the states need to start moving toward succession from the union. ) — About 17 million health care workers in hospitals, clinics and other facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid payments must get vaccinated. — Some 300,000 employees of Head Start early childhood education and other federal education programs must get vaccinated.

SCHOOLS AND EVENTS — Governors are urged to require vaccination for school district employees. — The federal government will continue to follow through with money for widespread testing in schools. — Stadiums, concert halls and other venues for large events are urged to require proof of vaccination or negative COVID test.

BOOSTERS — Federal agencies will lay the groundwork for a smooth booster shot campaign, starting the week of Sep. 20 — if the Food and Drug Administration authorizes or approves the boosters.

MASKS AND TESTING — Mask requirements will continue for interstate travel and in federal buildings. The Transportation Security Administration will double fines on airline, train and other travelers who refuse to mask up. — The number of pharmacies offering free testing will be expanded to 10,000. — Walmart, Amazon and Kroger will offer at-home COVID tests at cost, about a 35% savings for consumers.

COVID CARE — The Pentagon will double military medical teams helping local hospitals overwhelmed with virus patients. — Federal agencies will boost shipments of a COVID-19 treatment known as monoclonal antibodies by 50%. Medical teams will be dispatched to help administer the treatments.

ECONOMY — Top loan amounts for small businesses affected by the pandemic will be increased to $2 million from $500,000 currently.


What do you do when you can't afford the feed and the vet bills for all the aging sheep on the farm? Why, you turn them into mutton. It's basic economics. Aging workers are a drain on the system. What's funny is most the Government workers I know are Leftists. So it kinda serves them right.


My mail carrier's co worker just died over the weekend in a car accident. The USPS had just mandated that they all get vaxxed, and I am convinced this was a "vaccindent."


Time for a new government to start collecting taxes, at least for the unvaxxed

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