Scientific study published at provides evidence that 5G played a dramatic part of the spurious COVID pandemic

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From the source article here:

They assert that it may...

WCR may: (1) cause can contribute to (2) impair reduce exacerbating (3) amplify (4) increase (5) increase promoting (6) worsen

In the summary they say:

we propose may have contributed to adverse health outcomes

They propose that it may have. They don't demonstrate or prove.

So what is their recommendation?

reduce their exposure to WCR as much as reasonably achievable until further research better clarifies the systemic health effects associated

So... it's all a bunch of vague nonsense.

There is nothing magical about 5G (which is just a marketing term). Depending on where you live, the marketers use 5G by various terms to try to sell you their outdoor WiFi. In rural areas, outdoor WiFi isn't economical, so they call slightly upgraded LTE "5G".

There are a few things to keep in mind with Electromagnetic Radiation of all kinds...

  1. Frequency
  2. Power
  3. Distance

Radio is not "ionizing radiation". It can't hurt you like UV, X-rays, or Gamma rays can, but at extremely high power levels very nearby it can induce electrical current and cause burns. It can also heat tissue. These negative impacts are not possible at the low power levels used by modern digital communications systems.

Urban 5G transmitters are much lower power than cell towers - they can only reach a few blocks, this is why they need to be placed on poles all over the place. This is because higher frequencies don't penetrate as well as lower frequencies - but we need them because the higher the frequency, the more data can be transmitted. In fact, NASA is already experimenting with infrared laser data transmission - because the infrared on your TV remote is higher frequency than the microwaves used for long distance telephone calls, telecommunications, WiFi, and re-heating turkey leftovers.

These 5G transmitters are high up on poles - away from people. The Inverse Square Law applies to all Electromagnetic Radiation - from radio to visible light. Light from a flashlight or a lamp falls off very quickly with distance. Even then, the frequencies used can't even penetrate the outer layers of your skin. That's right, you're carrying around a suit of armor protecting you from 5G radiation - even when you're in your birthday suit!

So TL;DR: you get more harmful radiation from the sun and long distance air travel than you do from prolonged WiFi and 5G exposure. Instead of the claim that this study "provides" evidence, it simply summarizes prior attempts to study something that is already well understood under the guise that new marketing slogans make physics new again.


imagine reading this and thinking its true lol lol


This will more than likely be used to help cover up MRNA injection injuries and deaths. Those who have been pushing for people to take a shot of experimental "vaccine"(not a vaccine btw) aren't seeing enough people complying and they are getting visibly nervous. If their plan fails, and its looking more and more like it will. the counterattack from humanity aimed solely at them will be shockingly brutal... and they deserve every punishment they get.

The one consistency with the self described "elites"... when things go wrong (or right in this case as they are trying to kill people) nothing ever seems to be their fault. These people are pure evil.






The only danger from 5G is that its a spyware tool. With there being 'towers' every hundred yards or so, extremely precise location tracking is possible through triangulation regardless of the location setting on the phone itself.

Far more accurate than the locations determined through 3G/4G


This was a good clear report and quite frightening.

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