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Oh noes! Tax avoidance isn't a crime.


"“The Apprentice” television show, but he erased most of these tax payments through a refund. Combined, Mr. Trump initially paid almost $95 million in federal income taxes over the 18 years. He later managed to recoup most of that money, with interest, by applying for and receiving a $72.9 million tax refund, starting in 2010."

He was paying $5,277,778 a year in taxes, far more than Bush or Obama. After what the article describes as a refund, Trump paid $22.1 million between 2010 and 2017 (or whatever the last year was they stole his records for). That is $3,000,000 a year in taxes, still far more than Bush or Obama paid.

They conflate the issue by bringing in the .001% of top earners. This is a disparate group that includes people with tens to hundreds of billions more than Trump.

Using loses to offset taxes is common but here again, the article conflates business with personal tax liability.

The article has two conflicting points. One, that Trump has more money than he is telling the government about and isn't paying taxes. Two, that Trump is losing money and nearly broke.


" His refusal has made his tax returns among the most sought-after documents in recent memory."

No, his refusal isn't what makes them sought after. Democrats and their media outlets want to mine the financial records of Trump and his businesses to find things to attack him for, even if it is the action of an employee and has nothing to do with Trump. A bit like they are doing in this article.


Anonymous sources say


In other news: There is no Crime in Protecting Wealth from Theft.


So, Trump followed the law.

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