Words do have meaning:  DUTY, HONOR COUNTRY has for decades reflected the ethics, honor, character and moral behavior of cadets and Academy graduates.

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As a veteran who learned better, no way I would put my family members of the "command" of some third-worlder.


"The Biden Administration seeks to divorce military service from defense of the Constitution by replacing allegiance to the Constitution with Critical Race Theory. This prepares the military for their role in support of an overthrow of the government and the Constitutional order. By forcing the military to undergo liberal socialist indoctrination they sever the linkage between US military service and support for the Constitution. That action, which violates the Constitution, also violates the oath of office."


"It is not the purpose of the military to help advance the anti-American, anti-Constitution agenda of leftist ideologues. But the military is being forced by WOKE leaders in the White House, Congress, Department of Defense, and Pentagon, to do just that: advance a leftist agenda that seeks to tear down the Constitution, not protect it. Officers and enlisted troops are being required to sit through leftist indoctrination sessions that portray America as an inherently racist nation, white troops as genetically bigoted, and minority troops as hopeless, lifelong victims."


Pure treason.

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