As fallout from the tragic attack in Christchurch, New Zealand continues, USA Today’s editorial board took up the cause of gun control in the United States, inviting a counterpoint perspective from the Second Amendment Foundation ‘s Alan Gottlieb, and judging from the results of the newspaper’s unscientific online poll, Americans want to keep their guns. […]

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Every time the 2nd. comes in first as it should


MOSQUE SHOOTING COMPLETE HOAX-PLEASE view links at bottom #HOAXPSYOP CGI FAKERY No blood, no brains, no smoke, no bullet holes, 3 12 gauge shotgun blasts at point blank range DO NOT SCRATCH his windshield. HaHaHa. Sure. 5 rounds fired and 20 people fall into DOGPILE! No one tries to run or crawl away. TeeHee. After firing up the people the first time the ALLEGED shooter casually strolls back outside to his car to grab another rifle?? I guess the the make up and SFX people needed time to make the CORPSES look a little more REAL and throw a little FAKE blood on them. He then strolls back into the mosque and fires randomly into the two dogpiles that he already fired up minutes before. NOT ONE PERSON was out of place from before. No crawling wounded with blood trails. No one trying to limp or run away. TOTAL BULLSHIT. Out of 20 people there would have BEEN MANY NOT killed outright. They would have been crawling away leaving LOADS OF BLOOD. No Smoke or dust from all the rounds he fired. GTFOH. "Shooters " face in rear view mirror is very low res and lacks details. Ejected brass ABSORBED into white wall at (9:50-9:56). Someone EXPLAIN that. LOL I ask EVERYONE to view the entire VIDEO several times in SLOMO to see how FAKE it is. Dress Rehearsal- VT CGI- Vanishing Brass- Squibs- 5 Things-

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