Of what is the establishment terrified? That if Sanders is nominated, Donald Trump will crush him in November. And not only will the White House be lost, all hopes of winning the Senate and blocking Trump's second-term Supreme Court nominees would also be lost. After Joe Biden's blowout victory in South Carolina Saturday and the…

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Of what is the establishment terrified?

The same as the Republican establishment - they don't want an anti-war president in power. This is why they spent 3 years trying to remove Trump.

Our government is no longer pro-business, it's pro war, exclusively. 10 billion dollars for a wall? Gee whiz, where can we find the money? 1 trillion dollars for a war, no problem. It's been this way since Neocons took control of our government under George H. Bush.

It's a mafiaocracy, not a republic.

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