Among those objecting most loudly to an American withdrawal from the forever wars of the Middle East are those who were the most enthusiastic about plunging us in. The backstage struggle between th…

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This narrative makes no sense:

  1. Trump did not choose to withdraw: America is being forced to withdraw by Turkey, which has the biggest army in NATO barring only the USA.
  2. ISIS was not eliminated by the USA, but by the Syrian Army, Iraqi PMU units, and Russian air power. The conflict in Kurdistan was but a minor theatre.
  3. The alliance with the Kurds was always destined to end tragically for the Kurds (who have been recidivists at this game of being screwed by their alliances for centuries).

There is only one real question:

Should the US engage in a war against NATO ally Turkey? And while they're at it, engage Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia?

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