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Which fucking two?

Because the WHOLE FUCKING POINT of religious freedom is that YOU are competent to interpret what is beyond human comprehension HOWEVER YOU SEE FUCKING FIT. The 1st Amendment does NOT guarantee your religious freedom so long as it conforms to the USMC manual on acceptably structured faiths.

Religious exemption is like the original filibuster in Congress. You don't have to have a good REASON. You just have to say NO, and BELIEVE IN IT enough to stand there jabbering for three days and nights while pissing into an empty coke bottle.


As expected. This has happened before. It will happen in the future. The military treats its servicemen like rats before, while, and after service.


Understand this all comes down to one person's decision. Who is that person, exactly?


We the People are the true military! Fuck the Marines.. They are just puppets for Jew murderers now anyway.. I was in high school when 9/11 happened. I'm so glad I did not join up for their Satanic ritual sacrifice of American/Iraq lives..

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2022-37-Mo 04:37:36 am

We the People are the true military! Fuck the Marines.. They are just puppets for Jew murderers now anyway..


Time to admit the ENTIRE US Military has been corrupted and is nothing but a war criminal operation designed to use war as a money making operation. Hang every flag officer in EVERY branch, strip their families of their citizenship, property, and wealth and ship their asses into desolation for 100 years. Traitors and their seed should be removed from our nation. Also, the traitors in Congress need a similar treatment, as those bastards haven't declared war since Dec 7, 1941; making every armed conflict we've been in since then, UNCONSTITUTIONAL and every flag officer who lead those actions TRAITORS. Stand for truth or die, there is no middle ground.


Hope they quit.


Were the 2 Muzzies or Jews?


2 out of 3,212 accepted is not the real NEWS. But, the real NEWS is revealed loudly. The real NEWS, that even a larger number of enlisted in all of Armed Forces are fed up with the Leftist Generals that have unconstitutionally sided with the Left.

A fair guess that most of the 3212 Marines that got their religious exemption rejected would not filed the exemption if given the option to leave with an honorable discharge.

A fair guess many thousands more that got jabbed really didn’t want the jab and would have left if given an honorable discharge.

A fair guess that many that got the jab but didn’t want the jab are now more pissed at the Left loving Generals and Jughead Joe. And those in the Armed Forces will be even more pissed as their health is affected by the jab.

The real NEWS revealed is that Jughead Joe and the Left will not have the great Armed Forces they think they have to protect them from surrendering our government, back to we the people.

Yes Jughead Joe and the Left feel they have the Armed Forces to protect them. Proof: See the Armed Forces stand down for Left’s violent, destructive, deadly riots, until Jan 6 peaceful protest by the Right.

More proof: Also recall that several months after Jan 6 Jughead Joe said on camera to the world with a smirkish half grin; “Those pushing for Civil War 2 are dumb. We have the Armed Forces, drones, smart bombs.” Know that “We” meant the enemy within that want 100% Socialism. The now 60% Socialist Constitutional Republic gives them great confidence in achieving 100% Socialism, especially when they feel “their” Armed Forces will protect them.

But this NEWS reveals that the Armed Forces overall that will protect the Left will be a helluva lot smaller if Civil War we are in goes big. And this Civil War 2’s 10 year pre war skirmish is overdue to go big.

To keep the USA united, to keep making USA great, to prevent CW2, every Constitution and US loving General in the Armed Forces needs to unite and say FJB!, and do as the Constitution prescribes. Defeat the enemy.

Done, this officially divides the already divided Armed Forces. It is obviously divided. Then quickly rally US loving Americans to defeat the greatest enemy, the enemy within. The 2nd Amendment added to help do that. There’s about 300 million guns in our homes to help a US loving Armed Forces if needed.


imagine seeking a religious exception from the shot... but not from MURDERING women/children overseas? these people in the military deserve all the shit they inject them with and more.

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