Apparently, the globalists are being scarily successful in dumbing down the next generation.

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All of this can seen to be consistent, in its own sick and evil way, when you remember the Left's love of leveling. To their way of thinking, it's unfair that some children are smarter than the retards, so by forcing retardation onto children, they're advancing the cause of social justice.

Understandable doesn't mean tolerable. My nieces have been spared some of this horror, as much as we could spare them it, by being homeschooled during this time. I hope others will do likewise. But long run, we need to see that a live and let live response is not appropriate when dealing with a political faction that is this comfortable with harming the kids.

America needs to break apart, so that the maniacs who are in favor of things like this can be kept on the other side of a border, and out of our elections, both as candidates and as voters.

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