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You mean like YOU were banned from ALL OF FUCKING JOURNALISM?

I hate to break it to you , but those "traitors" still have MASSIVE fucking audiences.



Olbermann is the original ((( Karen ))). Crying about everything like a whining bitch. If he took his own life it would be good PPV. I'd pay a dollar to see that.


This guy is probably going to wind up hung after the next round of Nuremberg trials.


What an asshole.




WHO ARE THEY KIDDING? This was their plan all along: Keep harping about the so-called "INSURRECTION," in order to try to bar Trump from running for office again! --Have a feeling it ain't gonna work! LOL.


Why would anyone GAF what this fool has to say?


"Olbermann proceeded to criticize the lack of a special prosecutor who he believes should be making 'life a living hell' for Trump supporters such as 'Bannon, and Miller, Goser and Boebert, Jordan and McCarthy, and Trump.'"

A modest proposal: factions, like individuals, should be seen as having rights that exist only in keeping with the social contract. There is some precedent for this. If a unit from one army finds that it is now under fire from a unit from another company, nobody (except for a few members of the lunatic fringe) expects the soldiers in the unit fired upon to stop to figure out exactly who shot at them before returning fire. They respond to the now enemy unit as a collective, a collective that even in peacetime will have squandered its right to live through its failure to respect that right in its dealings with others.

"Kill them all and let God sort them out," as the saying goes. Not to be mistaken with the far more amusing (but not quite as logical) "nuke them until they glow and shoot them in the dark."

That can be sad. There can be some kid in that unit who didn't want to be there, individually didn't deserve to die, but in a combat situation, soldiers have to do what they have to do. There is a wrong that will have been done to the kid in this scenario, but it will have been done to him by his idiot companions, who will bear the guilt for his death, and not by the unit that simply defended itself.

Simple concept, right?

The Left has turned Politics into a form of war. It has sought to win, not through the strength of its ideas (which have been visibly lacking), but rather, by silencing its opposition. By trampling the constitution and terrorizing the population into submission. In a sense, it has treated the Right in America in the same way that the attacking army unit treated its victims in the situation I described above. Like that hypothetical unit, I would argue that even if individuals find themselves being treated unjustly as a result, that the Left can be fairly said to have lost its rights, collectively, through its willful misdeeds - misdeeds that have continued over a period of decades.

When one has a faction like the Left which have thrived through its habit of silencing others, I would maintain that to respect its first amendment rights is madness. In depriving others of their right to speak freely, it has forfeited its own, and the rest of us must move to foreclose. We should not say "we have the right to silence them, but let us be charitable and forgive." We have not just the right, but the duty to deal with people like Mr. Olbermann harshly, even brutally, if need be.



This pathetic guy's "career" would have been long over if it wasn't for conservative media like BLP and Breitbart giving him and his musings prominence.

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