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Did she shoot a bunch of gay porn too?

Even if she did.... fuck it. She'll be fine.


If she's dirty we'll see!!! If all they have is petty shit, then I would suggest everyone vote for her anyway, & screw these idiots out of deciding for US!!!


So it sounds like Cawthorn was the lesser of 2 evils considering some of the shit he did was fairly degenerate but the guy that beat him sounds like one of those lose gracefully while enriching himself RINO types who worked against election integrity efforts. I guess the question is if her financials are sus is she the lesser of 2 evils as well given her record and rhetoric vs the record and rhetoric of whomever they are trying to replace her with? I mean it seems like the problem here is if you are a normal person that just wants to MAGA and you get involved in politics, get elected and start working at exposing the corruption/ fixing things / advancing the America First agenda then they paint a target on your back and anything problematic they can dig up about you will be exposed and used to tear you down. The only defense it seems is to not have any dirt at all like Trump who has to be one of the cleanest politicians ever considering all those investigations turned up squat but Trump had the benefit of being independently wealthy. Boebert was not so there could exist something in her financials then again remember Madcow's Trump tax returns? Those were a nothingburger so maybe what they have on Boebert is something to that effect

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