WASHINGTON (AP) — The combative White House letter vowing to defy the "illegitimate" impeachment inquiry has actually put President Donald Trump on a more certain path to charges. His refusal to...

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Thankfully, the Dems are fools. They came up with "See something, say something". Trump saw something and said something. That is NOT illegal and the American people know this. Spin it as you will and think of the voters as stupid if you want, but this is a fools errand.

I probably should not post this and let them figure this out in 2020, but I have a big mouth and almost no self control. I will only be sorry if they shut down the Impeachment inquiry because I want to see Obama in federal prison. Heads will roll and Pelosi/Shifty Shiff are the ones in control and pulling the Guillotine rope.

This is good solid entertainment.


President Trump proudly wears the Badge of Honor & Courage defying the Evil, Disgusting, Scum Bag, Traitorous House Demoncrats. They can all go F themselves.

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