MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — The World Cup is a week away, and the United States is no lock for gold. Australia delivered that message to the world on Saturday. For the first time in...

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"“They wanted it more than us tonight,” U.S. guard Kemba Walker said. “Lesson learned for us.”"

What a moron. Everyone wants to take out the best, the USA, so the USA always needs to play their best. Don't be complacent, overconfident. or dismissive of other's capabilities.

A lot of these basketball players are left wingers and yet none of them actually respect other countries. If they had respect for Australia, they would have played a better game.

These players need an attitude adjustment and the coach needs a kick in the butt.


This would not have happened under Coach K. He's the biggest reason for the winning streak and now that he's no longer coaching Team USA, they lose a game.

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