Cambridge Union has disgracefully invited proud antisemite Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, to give a speech at 18:30 on Sunday. It is unforgivable that Cambridge Union at the University of Cambridge, one of Britain’s most prestigious educational institutions, is rolling out the red carpet for this self-confessed and unrepentant antisemite, and …

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OK, so you say the Malaysian Prime Minister is antisemitic. I want to hear it from his own mouth so I can make my own decision. I don't want him shut down. How will that help me understand his warped sense of reality better? How will I be able to argue against his ideas if I don't hear them? I want to see his blind prejudices exposed and him humiliated in public if he is indeed antisemitic. You won't need to bother trying to censor him next time, he won't want to come back. #Israell #Jewhatred #antisemitism #malaysia #cambridgeunion

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