A friend of mine once told me about a troubling conversation with a coworker. The coworker agreed with the Republican Party about taxes, government spending…

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Every pro-choice advocate needs to have it explained to them that Roe Vs. Wade was not about abortion. It was about personal medical choices, and doctors being able to dispense medical care without the state getting in the middle. The Democrat Party, and Fauci in particular have been setting the stage for the over-turning of Roe Vs. Wade with each and every suggestion of mandating vaccines. If the state can mandate one medical procedure, it can ban another.

So, remind the pro-choice crowd that Fauci, Biden, and the whole of the Democrat Party are setting president in the courts with each and every Covid related mandate. Vaccines, Masks, Business Shutdowns, medical papers. You name it. It is all president for overturning Roe Vs. Wade.

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