The ritual humiliation will continue until morale implodes. On Tuesday, transgender woman Rachel Levine, the current Assistant Secretary of Health and Human…

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"This nauseating display is part of the Biden regime’s ongoing spiritual warfare against the people of the United States. The lackeys of the state mock and degrade every normal, decent, and life-affirming instinct in the name of “equity” and “tolerance.” They rub degeneracy in our faces, drowning us in a cascade of lies."

"Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the great observer and psychologist of modern ideological tyranny, noted in the The Gulag Archipelago that sexual humiliation and vulgar displays were a key weapon of the NKVD, the Soviet Union’s secret police. It is no different under our own regime."

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I used to admire the soldiers and just think they were the Bees Knees. I would cry, thinking of what some of them endure and show them great gratitude. Today I saw 2 women in camouflage and I felt angry at them for not doing anything about the hijacking of our White House. They serve Biden...not Americans.

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