The Senate is poised to hold its first joint oversight committee hearing next Tuesday on the security preparations leading up to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

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Can't wait to hear Nancy's spin on this!


Somehow it will be Trump's fault and not Piglosi or MaoConnell's.


How can we trust the Democrats, RINO'S, AND capitol police. Example the death of Officer Sicknick , Pelosi and the democrats lied to us and the NYTimes kept the lie alive until Friday. The day after the acquittal.

His death was used as a hot button to inflame emotions. All the press lied and still are. All the democrats lied. The capitol police never corrected the record and lied. HE WAS NOT BEATEN TO DEATH BY A TRUMP SUPPORTED WITH A FIRE extinguisher. He did not die to an allergic reaction to Pepper Spray or Bear Spray.

The FBI IS using it as a reason to hunt down any person that was in D.C. Bank Of America searched customers bank accounts for evidence of who was in D. C. ON ITS OWN, WITHOUT A SUBPENIA. and eagerly turned it over to the FBI.

Pelosi refused National Guard troops but then needs them for the inaugeration and is keeping them there until ???? Democrats had the FBI search the Social pages of Gaurdsmen and seperated out more than 7 who questioned the election. Every thing they found is being turned over to their guard branches for ??? what ?

The new Secretary of Defense. Who is a racist himself, and yes black men can be racist. Is using it to cull through the ranks of the Military for any Trump supporter. During his nomination hearing he dodged answering the question about Critical Race Theory but after approved he put the military on a "Stand Down" for the Search to find out who needs to go thru a "Struggle Season or be dishonorable discharged".

Democrats are scared the Military will defend the constitution and and the Citizens. It is the Pentagon Brass who has been cashing in, lying to the President about troop levels and draw done. The Defense SECRETARY SUPPORTS THE MILITARY BRASS IGNORING ORDERS AND LYING TO THE PRESIDENT. The poor brass found themselves in a difficult position having to follow Trump.

According to Congress Cohen 75% of the military is White Male and only 20% of those would be Biden Supporters. We need to fear the other 80% who "might do something".


Make sure we raise the question: Why did they have people dressed up in DC Metro gear that in many clips appear to be the most violent people in the crowd?


I'm curious to hear from other people, which people on the committee do you trust to dig for the truth? It'll probably be equal Republican and Democrat members to make it "unbiased", ignoring the problem of RINOs or a possible Deep State bias favoring career politicians of either party over the People.

It's gonna be really important to support the few who we do trust to search honestly. We need to pay attention to what they find, and make sure it isn't silenced. The people deserve to know the truth.


We had to wait over a month for this ? Why was it necessary to wait until after the fake impeachment trial ? When will Nancy and the Turtle be held responsible ?


Where's our $1,400 checks overlord trash! More theatre!

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