5 Things About The Christchurch Shootings That Prove It Was A False Flag

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Very interesting, great eye for attention to detail. I can't argue against this. Looks like it's definitely false.


Produced in TEL AVIV by SHECKY WEISSMAN #HOAXPSYOP CGI FAKERY No blood (Just a few SQUIBS) no brains, no smoke, no bullet holes, 3 12 gauge shotgun blasts at point blank range DO NOT SCRATCH his windshield. HaHaHa. Sure. 5 rounds fired and 20 people fall into DOGPILE! No one tries to run or crawl away. TeeHee. After firing up the people the first time the ALLEGED shooter casually strolls back outside to his car to grab another rifle?? I guess the the make up and SFX people needed time to make the CORPSES look a little more REAL and throw a little FAKE blood on them. He then strolls back into the mosque and fires randomly into the two dogpiles that he already fired up minutes before. NOT ONE PERSON was out of place from before. No crawling wounded with blood trails. No one trying to limp or run away. TOTAL BULLSHIT. Out of 20 people there would have BEEN MANY NOT killed outright. They would have been crawling away leaving LOADS OF BLOOD. No Smoke or dust from all the rounds he fired. GTFOH. "Shooters " face in rear view mirror is very low res and lacks details. Ejected brass ABSORBED into white wall at (9:50-9:56). Someone EXPLAIN that. LOL I ask EVERYONE to view the entire VIDEO several times in SLOMO to see how FAKE it is.




Point 6) Watch this - https://www.bitchute.com/video/3SbFo2QpS6nj/ - Wardo Rants copy of the video from 27.31 to 28.10. If you freeze it at 27.31 you see a silver car to the left of the internal mosque entrance. Then roll the video to 28.10 and figure out where the hell that car went. This guy is shooting everything that moves and even looks up the road. That missing car makes no sense.


i didn't see the original video. I wonder if I'd believe it to be real, if I saw it without comments first.


I come from an anti-conspiracy theorist background. What does that mean? I'm a hipster douche that loves my walled gardens and the blue pill.

And I have to say, looking at just this video, without comparing it to the source video, the author seems to have really strong points. And understand that I'm hesitant to give even this inch because I know others will want a mile.


Any critically minded person should, throughout this video, be thinking to themselves "If its fake then what's the alternative explanation that's better?"

I mean, they were good enough to add realistic blood splatter once but not those other times? The video was half well done but the other half they just lost interest?

As reality challenging and uncomfortable as it was watching the "errors" in that video, trying to explain it any other way would be MUCH more inconvenient I feel.

The conditions for me to be red pilled on this are the following:

  • Come up with a theory of what group or agency could quickly create such a video matching a current world event.

  • Come up with a theory of how such a group or agency could have made a video that was 90% production complete but crucially missing the last 10% (missing bullets, ALMOST complete lack of blood splatter, open door, cartridge in mosque) required to make the video completely convincing.

  • Claim to be streaming it live.

Do I know for certain that the world is round? Quite frankly, the truth is I don't know with absolute certainty. Do I KNOW that this shooting took place? The real answer is, no I don't.

However, making a judgement call between two extremely difficult to prove events between whether this shooting happened as shown in that video or whether it was a false flag; for the life of me, and based on the evidence in this video, I CANNOT imagine anyone being absolutely convinced that this event didn't take place. At least not based on any evidence so far that I've seen (March 23).

More evidence is welcome of course. And this bitchute video itself was very well made, mad props to the author, Trevor Lyman. He didn't seem like a crazy conspiracy theorist at all. Quite the opposite actually. And that gives him much more credibility than he would've had otherwise, at least without me knowing him personally, or at all for that matter.

Again, I'm sorry to the family of the victims. I can't watch that video knowing that there's even a remote chance of it being real without feeling anything for those people. Obviously my feelings extend to all victims (and their families) of unarmed murder anywhere, at the hands of any individual or group.

In general, that it is Muslims who most often engage in this kind of killing does not diminish the tragedy of this act.

And certainly, from the political standpoint, dissenters who're angry about the violence flowing mostly one way (Muslims doing the killing) have a point. But while we're questioning the evidence, lets show some humanity. Until at least there is a definitive complete counter theory with matching evidence.

Thanks for sharing the video.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVqRsuRek2w A video where a man shoots drywall with a rifle. Watch it on 144p and you can still easily see the damage.


How does it feel being so stupid?

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