ALPHABET-RESULTS/ (UPDATE 5, PIX):UPDATE 5-Google parent's shares dive as YouTube changes, competition hurt revenue

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I hope the criminal Goebbels at Google go bankrupt.


Google will eventually sow the seeds of its own demise. Possibly sooner rather than later.


(((YouTube))) keeps censoring shit and being creepy SJWs. No wonder it's suffering. Everyone would go on Bitchute only but there's not a decade plus of backlog content there.


Competition is growing due to Alphabet's disgusting and un-American attempts to censor free-speech, censor political speech they don't agree with, meddle with search results for political reasons and trying to influence our elections. The history of the internet is full of 800lb gorillas who got too big for their britches...Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al are only the next victims of their own greed and dishonesty.

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