Several hours after announcing his bid for the White House, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, defined one significant aspect of his platform, saying he'd suspend capital punishment at the federal level.

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I'm not entirely for the death penalty as I am Pro Life. But I think the timing couldn't be worse. Newsom is obviously playing by the Agenda 21 playbook.


Except in cases where the Defendant is a White Male Then we'll just fry him and everyone will throw a party


That is great to hear! Hopefully the Democrats can all get onboard with that position. The government is here to PROTECT our life, liberty and property, and there is never an excuse for the government to take a citizen's life away.


He may want to tell his friends, like China-Diane Feinstein, that treason still nets a military tribunal, then death by hanging or lethal injection.

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