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Yup, Pat is right again. But foreign infestation of our society no longer just a threat. America has already been rendered irretrievable by it. For example: millennial employers already don't know an economy that can function without under-the-table employees or foreign slave factory labor. Millennials don't know the argument of their illegal-employing parents, which was, "If I don't hire them, then my competitor will, and then I'll go broke." No, today millennials aren't even aware of this rationalization because it's already a given in every labor-intensive industry. The American laborer has already moved onto greener pastures--such as stringing together 4 part-time solo gigs--so millennial employers now rightly observe, "Illegals are the only ones applying for jobs." Or, even more obtusely, "Well, the only factories are in China, so what am I supposed to do?" Sorry, Pat, there is NO coming back from this. America must be trashed as a legal entity, so its brand can be reclaimed by the sadly, very few left who are worthy of it.

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