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why continue ww2 tactics 10,000 miles from home ? Americans are still brainwashed by media - we have no business in europe,africa,asia or the middle east other than raw materials - so why be a member of NATO ? Membership will always cost US citizens. Why not concentrate on North America, Central America, and South America - this is where we live. NATO is ww2 and cold war brainwashing with all of them in europe capitalizing on our insanity. Europe is just one more form of cradle to the grave "welfare" that we all have to pay for - NATO and UN are both outdated and dangerous for America and we need to resign from both.


Pat is correct and I like his reasoning. The U.S. should pull out of NATO. Why should the U.S. be drawn into a possible nuclear conflict with Russia if Putin decides to invade Germany, France, or any other European nation ?

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