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Mr. Buchanan. You're forgetting something. When the USSR broke up, the Ukrainians wound up with countless nuclear weapons of the USSR aresenal. This would have been impossible to manage - with Russia and Ukraine having nukes. So in the Budapest Memorandum (Dec 5, 1994) the West, backed by the US, agreed to protect the integrity of the borders of Ukraine in exchange for Ukraines nuclear capabilities. Ukraine always believed they would be secure from invasion from Russia - and the needed security given their experience with Stalin and the Holodomor Famine. And the agreement also guaranteed protection from the West as Ukraine had suffered terribly from German invasion in WWII. This 'protection' was ignored when Russia took over Crimea without a shot fired. Now the threat builds in the Donbass all the more - the Donbass being Ukrainian soil occupied by Russians.

So what's at stake is the 'integrity' of the US Word of promise to other nations. Given the Afghanistan debacle and others. It's probably clear that the integrity is all political expediency. If Ukraine is taken, without a response from the West then Putin will be all the more emboldened to reestablish his Russian World vision. That said, a 'reinforced' Finland approach isn't a bad idea.



Would be super great to read a few paragraphs explaining Vlad Putin ... Main concern is whether he transitioned from communist to Christian. Seems wise for Russia to guard against Euro intrusion. Seems Europe and the USA are both under the rule of the same ideology that founded and ruled the Russians for about 70 years. After all, Putin has sung a version of Fats Domino's Blueberry Hill ... so he can't be all bad, would seem.

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