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I am sure God made it possible these natural civil population controls occur, if you cage enough rats in a small dense place there will lots of self destructive and non-creative (Gay, Cutting, Addictive behavior) to destructive (Murder). Part of the problem with many of the Gun Control cities, they are very dense. Now you look at it this way, it is possible that God made same sex attraction as a natural civilized pop control. Now what perverts this are fertility clinics and things of that nature. I don't get the married thing if your not getting anyone pregnant myself. Or at least it wouldn't be normally possible. I just hope Pope Francis doesn't start encouraging it.


One thing that everyone can agree to is that either the Christian church has gotten it wrong for 20 centuries, or Mayor Pete has it wrong today. Both cannot be right as they are mutually exclusive. However, the Mayor should be allowed to live as he wishes as long as it does not hurt others. Too bad the LGBTQ community does not feel that way about Christians, who must now applaud their choices, not just tolerate them. Tolerance in 2019 is not good enough. Strange! Seems that tolerance is a one-way street, as it always has been for leftists. The people who call for tolerance are ironically the most intolerant! How crazy is that!


Pat mentioned Christian persecution of Gays. It is not a Christian's place to persecute, only to witness to the truth. "Gay" is anathema being outside of truth & is beyond relation to the truth unless repented of, as are many other behaviors.

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