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NATO like the UN is just a blood sucker. Just another form of foreign aide.


An excellent commentary and food for thought. As one examines the situation in Ukraine and the anti-Russian hysteria here in our political arena and main stream media, one might ask "did the Cold War end"? Not if we continue our meddling in Ukraine and our media continues its anti-Russian campaign. Russia will never allow us to pry Ukraine out of Soviet sphere of influence and we should end our efforts to do so.

I agree with Pat, and in this case with Macron (he may be only articulating the traditional French antipathy to our leadership and politics), that the existence of NATO in its current form has to end and Europeans must determine their own needs for collective security. We all should be wary of the existence of the most powerful battle ready army in the world , which is the NATO army, sitting idly and waiting to be used. It is an invitation to mischief. It was grossly misused in former Yugoslavia and there is a danger that it will be misused in the Ukraine.

The end of Cold War and the limited war in the Persian Gulf created good will and optimism in the world, which looked to the US for leadership. Peace and Democracy broke out everywhere. But, that euphoria was short lived. When we needed another Dwight Eisenhower to lead us, we elected a scoundrel named Bill Clinton who could not give a damn for the future of our leadership and maintaining peace in the world. Everything he touched diminished us. We followed it with election of Bush and Obama, again men without vision and ability to lead us. Clinton stated that we are the only Super Power (Great Power) left. He had no understanding of Great Power politics. Well, we are not the only Super Power. It seems that the War lobby took charge and is still driving our foreign policy.

If we do not do something, we will be in another World War in not too distant future. Ending NATO and letting Europe look after its own security would be a good start in the right direction .

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