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People who supported Sanders aren't going to flock to Warren. Warren is just Hillary Clinton 2.0 with all the integrity and values of that.. "woman".

Impeachment will be funny, since they don't have any crime. I hope they do it, just so it underscores that we do not have a democratic system at all, and we do not. I'm tired of the facade and want everybody else to be able to see it for what it really is.

We don't have a functioning justice system, we have a completely corrupt set of intelligence agencies, our "news" media is more like Pravda and Izvestia of 1985 and there is neither truth nor news in it.

Our wars are started by false flags, our "representatives" are lying puppets whose job it is to sell whatever they are told by their superiors to sell to the population as being a "good thing", the nation is bankrupt, the MIC has sucked the nation dry and our Federal reserve is now a blatantly criminal operation.

So, go ahead, impeach the one guy that dared to point it all out.

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