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Identity politics may work for the Democrats in a district or a state. Just bring in lots of young college graduates and recent immigrants. It works like a charm. The district or state swings to the left. It won't work at a national level here, however, because the 2-party system makes each party aim for just over half of the national vote--no matter who is voting. Republicans will just change their policies to appeal more to the new voters. You see Republicans appealing more and more to recent immigrants, so this is happening right now.

For one party to win over and over indefinitely, you need to change the voting system. You need to get rid of the Electoral College and replace it with something else, like a general election and then a runoff. France and Texas have elections this way. Politics in Texas is overshadowed by the national 2-party system, but politics in France isn't, so someone like President Macron, who positions himself in the center--with Socialists to the left and Nationalists to the right--wins the runoff easily--regardless whichever of the two is the opponent in the runoff. The parties in France are more fluid than in the USA. They come and go, but you still get roughly three coalitions, with the one in the middle winning the runoff most of the time. The money flows to the party in the middle, and you get plutocracy.

The 2-party system and the Electoral College are not great. A runoff and a stagnant 3-party system like France--with one party dominating most of the time--are worse. The preferential vote in and around San Francisco is better and is about the only thing California does right, apart from raising grapes.

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