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Very shrewd observations by Pat Buchanan on why Israel would allegedly assassinate Iran's nuclear weapons' scientist now. From the prestige factor of showing off to the Gulf Arabs that Israel is one hell of a force to be reckoned with, to humiliating Iran, and distracting from Netanyahu's troubles at home to limiting Biden's options. All very valid points. But none of this means Iran won't retaliate. Once Iran had Hezbollah blow up that Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria in 2012, Bibi took notice and stopped killing Iran's nuke scientists. Plust Iran has had decades of rogue terrorist attack experience. They don't have to fire missiles at Israel or start a war. With UAE and Israel becoming new buddies now, there are plenty of opportunities for the Iranian regime to kill a bunch of Israelis in Dubai when Hannukah comes! Not that I would approve of that. But it's a real possibility which is why Israel is advising against travel to UAE. In other words, Bibi's reckless killing of this weapons' scientist will cause a serious security headache for Israeli business ambitions in the Persian Gulf area. Iran has plenty of opportunities to retaliate there and probably will. Again, pretty stupid idea with plenty of blowback.

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