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Something is bothering me about the Trump defense at the impeachment trial. Was there a behind the scenes deal? The defense was clearly lacking. This raises questions. Why wasn’t the actions of the Capitol security forces looked into? At times it looked like the Capitol police allowed people to enter while they stood on the side and chatted with each other. We’re certain parts of the Capitol ok to enter and others not? Why didn’t we hear from any of Trump supporters that entered the Capitol. We’re they there to take over the country? Why didn’t they investigate if there were any activist there to incite the pushing and shoving and entry into the capitol? There have been activists at all Trump rallies, but not this one? Why didn’t the defense team easily point out that there was not one armed protester in contradiction to the Democrats assertion that this was an “armed” insurrection? Why didn’t the defense team explore how this ended? Did the protesters just go home? Did they just decide to sto- the insurrection after a few hours? These events, both the Capitol protest and the trial, don’t make sense. Why wasn’t the above pointed out during the defense?

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