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"When Lindsey Graham said the White House had shown “weakness” and urged retaliatory strikes for what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls Iran’s “act of war,” the president backhanded his golfing buddy:

“It’s very easy to attack, but if you ask Lindsey … ask him how did going into the Middle East … work out. And how did Iraq work out?...”


Buchanan simply accepts MSM propaganda about who did what. No public verifiable evidence has been presented about any of the tanker attacks nor of the last drone attack in terms of who did it. For all we know, it is a long string of false flags. The hits on Saudi were very precise, apparently they have no defense or eyes, nobody knows how they travelled or where launched, for all we know they were the work of spooks or spook aligned subversives.

As for the drones, act of war BS, etc. If the Yemeni, simple retaliation. The US just killed >30 farmers with a drone in a country where they are not at war (Afghanistan) and has killed thousands of innocent bystanders in about 37 countries in a murder by drone scheme that completely contravenes international law. There's a lot more reason to cry and holler about American drones than any other drones.


Why the hysterics? Neither this President nor anyone in the Administration said we were going to go to war with Iran kinetically. We have effected cyber attacks and we are intensifying our economic sanctions. That's all. I don't want Pat to aggravate himself sick over the Mullahs' safety. They'll be fine. He seems to worry so much about the Theocratic Jihadist militant Regime and its leaders in Iran. If I were Pat I'd worry about why we are exposing American troops and sailors to danger in Korea and for the last 75 years in Europe. What the hell are they doing there? Maybe he just has a soft spot for Islamists. After all, he's always the first to speak out and condemn those who would harm them. I wonder why?

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