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MY TWO CENTS WORTH...by Buffalo Springfield (For What it's Worth)

There's somethin' happenin' here And for me, it seems all too clear There's a man with a So-cial-ist plan Fundin' wide-spread dissension, 'cross our land

I think it's time we stop Sor-os, what's the de-al Why do we allow such leftist ze-al?

There's battle lines being drawn Between those, who yammer Trump is orange And the rest that are not quite so blind As to vote for some per-vert who's lost his mind

I think it's time we put O-mar, on a pla-ne A one-way flight to whence she ca-me

What a field day for the press On the heels, of a Chinese-sponsored mess Just one more tool, to bash Trump And di-vert at-ten-tion from Bi-den Gump

I think it's time we say, cra-zies, that's en-ough Everybody needs to call their blu-ff

Trump De-range-ment's so deep That these fools, will get behind some creep As they cry, how the world's so un-fair Uncle Joe's fondlin' girl scouts, while sniffin' their hair

I think it's time we stop, li-ars play-in' ga-mes Half the freakkin' country's gone in-sane

Stop Nan-cy, shut her do-wn Why do we appease this drunk-en clo-wn? Stop Cuo-mo, and his br-o Everybody's tired of their show Stop Bi-den, that old fool Send him to a home, where he can drool


Correct! This is Dem run cities who are soft on crime eating themselves, and blaming others as usual. Meanwhile good cops are sacrificed. Businesses are left to burn. This isn't about racism or the criminal who died resisting arrest, this is about revenge which every criminal needs no reason to justify.

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