absurdly critical is discussing:

Federal sources tell Newsweek what happened at Mar-a-Lago: The FBI truly thought this wasn't going to be a big deal. Whoops.

If by fiasco you mean the kind of thing that happens in third world shit holes by tin horn dictators then sure. This kind of shit is not supposed to happen in America and it literally only happens to the MAGA part of the right. If you are a RINO, a Dem or a far leftist you can get away with whatever you want as you sell this country out and profit while using family members to make pay for play nepotistic deals. However, if you actually want to Make America Great Again and improve things for its citizens by securing the border or cut overburdensome regulations while reducing taxes and improving domestic energy production so that wages grow across the board thusly making the establishment hacks look bad then that cannot be allowed to stand and they have to have investigation on investigation brought about by bullshit false pretense on top of bullshit false pretense. Before he was even in office the FBI admitted to doctoring evidence sparking muh Russia investigation. Then he was impeached for rightfully investigating Joe and Hunters corruption in Ukraine but they didn't have any evidence to remove him from office. Then they had the Mueller probe which found nothing. Then they impeached him again over a staged riot at the capitol facilitated by capitol police that look tame in comparison to the Fentanyl Floyd protests and was caused in part by a stolen election. Now they sent the FBI on a fishing expedition at Trump's home where they kicked everyone out and wouldn't let his lawyer see the warrant. How many times are they going to investigate the man and how many times are they going to find nothing? If they find something this time is anyone going to honestly believe that the partisan FBI establishment accomplices didn't plant it? No other politician is subjected to this kind of scrutiny and it is such a farce. Trump tried to scrutinize Joe and Hunter's inpropriety in Ukraine and they Impeached HIM for it for pete's sake. If any establishment politician like Hillary, Obozo, Pelosi, McConnel, Graham, Romney, Miss Piggy, Joementia, Schumer whoever was subjected to the same kind of scrutiny Trump is do you honestly think they wouldn't find anything? It is such bullshit that Garland says the law is being applied evenly and equally with respect to Trump. They hate him because he makes them look bad so they have to attack him by any means necessary

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