If he thinks this is going to squelch the questions, he's sorely mistaken...

That’s rich you won’t stand by while people criticize your precious criminal politicized coup plotting FBI, while you threaten the the actual elected POTUS and then threaten American citizens with the label of domestic terrorist if they so much as whimper.

“Worship your local victimized FBI! Occasionally they put down their donuts, get their lazy *sses off their peeping Tom computers to threaten the real president!” 💕

I honestly think the longer you are a progressive, the stupider you get. I just don’t believe you can be evil and intelligent, too. No intelligent person would keep kicking against the cogs.

That’s why the people going in and the people coming out of ivy league schools keep getting dumber and dumber. And then they inflict them on us as our ruling class! 😩 You have to score high in stupid to get in Harvard now! That’s why they want to end the SATs! Just have the STs! The stupid tests!

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