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The German economy could lose billions in added value by 2030 due to the conflict in Ukraine and high energy prices, Reuters reports

Germany is not at war in Ukraine, so why is that supposed to have an impact on the German economy? Ukraine is not a member of EU or NATO, so there is no obligation to participate in any conflicts there.

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, none-Ukrainians own 1/3 of the farm land and Western ultra-rich was deeply involved in exploiting the Ukrainian people and their country before Russia's special operation.

The globalist "elite" have used Ukraine for money laundering for years, Bidens son receives millions from a Ukrainian nuclear power plant and Joe Bidens pressured Ukraine to stop investigating his sons monkey busines in Ukraine.

Ukraine is not the problem for people in Europe or Notth-America. Let the Ukrainian people clear up their own country/ "elite".

Germany's problem is the West's "elite" that want a "great reset" by crashing the economy, detail control people and coup the democracy. Their "green change" is a part of it.

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