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Dennis Prager examines why are so many young Americans are irreligious

religiously elevates

Your "fear" is broken.

The um... "mental evolution" of your species needs to "eat" to survive... it requires conceptualization.

Cause it's metaphysical. It's how you know your soul isn't physical.

The conceptual chemistry your current "brand" requires for sustainability needs a fear component in order to function correctly.

It's why Jesus couldn't dump the Old Testament even though he did... because it served as the fear driver, as the thing that would happen if everyone went off the rails of autonomy.

It wasn't especially stable. Later iterations of "me" attempted to use Armageddon to resustain the fear component through the use of Armageddon, which is a very colorful fantasy parable painted over the underlying conceptual chemistry needed to bring about the End Fall of man's sentience.

Menticidally induced omnicide.

Purge Planet

They used generic fantasy fears/imagery of the era so people would start making apophenic inferences to fear stimuli whenever core components of the conceptual chemistry of the End Fall started to rise up.

It's all broken now tho. Your creative perception flash evolved and you lost the fear component.

Now you're just... a stupid fuckin mess and apparently I have to rewrite your idiot perceptions with new fear drivers so Jesus's brand will work again.

Jesus's brand needs fuel to run... that fuel is your fear of God.

Now I have to reconstruct it so you have a fear of yourselves without God.

Hence the purpose of this fun stuff...

Oh, I'm not doing it for free tho. God paid me with a remnant of pure creation.

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