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A metro Atlanta couple was arrested for producing porn with their adopted children. BOTH men are accused of making porn with the children who are adopted siblings. The children were rescued and taken by officials. The gay couple is behind bars for using their children to produce the porn. WSB Atlanta reported: A Walton County…

Welcome to shit I pointed out two weeks ago on my Gab page! :D

Like I said then, the whole crazy push for gay marriage is because adoption always plays in the favor of married couples, which means you incentivize marriage for pedophilic intent.

Just like there's no such thing as "gay", there's just "evidence of child rape".

The whole thing is all a scam.

Convoluted irrationality crammed down everyone's throats in very specific patterns that uniquely end fall into positions that directly favor criminal intent.

I believe the last generation called it "culture jamming".

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