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On Friday Kamala Harris held a roundtable on abortion rights with Latina women. During the video discussion, one participant argued for removing parental notifications for minors obtaining abortions. Kamala nodded along to the idea. Kamala Harris nods along as a roundtable participant describes removing parental notification requirements for minors to obtain abortions — RNC…

If a minor shows up for an abortion, you are already dealing with statutory rape. And parents should know what is going on. Is this a case of incest, or is a free-range child a sex worker being brought to a PP location to end the pregnancy and get her back to work? Is the DNA evidence collected and are police notified? How many calls to police has PP made in the last year? How many PDs have been notified? How many charges filed, cases tried, and the perp convicted?

It is a scam by these asshats to use our kids and make a profit. End this BS now.

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