absurdly critical is discussing:

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) said Thursday on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360 " that the United States could not be considered a nation of laws if former President Donald Trump was not prosecuted. | Clips

I don't think we've been a nation of laws for a while. Hillary's illegal unsecured basement server was criminally negligent at best and nefariously setup at worst to circumvent FOIA laws and facilitate pay to play deals and yet nothing happened to her because Comey altered the FBI's findings to use the words extremely careless which although careless means the same thing as negligent it does not carry the same legal weight so nothing happened to her. They claim there is an investigation going on into Hunter Biden and the deals he brokered for access to the big guy but I'll believe it when his pervert pedo ass is being perp walked in handcuffs. Trump on the other hand has been constantly investigated since before he even held office and time and again they find nothing. He has got to be the cleanest politician ever. Therefore with him being innocent if they persecuted him it would just be more proof that we continue to not be a nation of law. Just look at the handling of the people who were let into the capitol on J6 and those Colbert staffers who illegally entered the Capitol but nothing happened to them.

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