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Woke Disney just suffered another loss. Disney’s new film Lightyear was projected to bring in $70M-$85M over the 3-day weekend. It came up short only bringing in $51M-$55M. Deadline reported: Well, this wasn’t suppose to happen. Disney’s Lightyear, despite an A- CinemaScore and 4 stars/85% positive on PostTrak, is coming in way under its $70M-$85M…

Isn't this just another bait and switch? You know, you think you're bringing your kids to see a movie about BUZZ LIGHTYEAR... and then instead they spend the movie shitting all over the character everyone WANTED to see as a means of building up an OFF BRAND character.

I think this is what's known as "predatory and deceptive marketing"... but with extra steps. It's one of the SJWs most favored tactics. Like a spoiled rich little idiot stealing another child's favorite toy just to try and vindictively spite them out of jealous rage.

Disney has reached peak "Toy Story".

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