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The leaders of Germany, France and Italy spoke much about the prospect of Ukraine’s EU accession, even if this could take decades

"Macron said during a joint news conference in Kiev that the three leaders “are doing everything so that Ukraine alone can decide its fate.” Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi added that their main message in talks with Zelensky was that they want to see Ukraine as part of the bloc.

France, Germany, Italy and Romania have all now called for an immediate grant to Ukraine of EU-member candidate status. Becoming a full member of the EU could take years, 15 to 20 years, as Macron’s Minister for European Affairs, Clement Beaune, has said. Macron himself has told the French parliament that it could take “several decades.”

Zelfagsky already decided Ukraine's fate when he accepted the faux position falling in with 3 other pedofaggots posing as "leaders. they're just trying desperately now not to get any of the coming gutsplat on them, and satan forbid it's their own, which they so ardently earned...

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